Trust, transparency and openness lie at the core of everything we do at Pacing and we believe in the power of open source to change the world. Linux powers everything from the backend of the net, to the world’s most powerful super computers, to your mobile phone to the most cutting edge artificial intelligence apps.

Today, open source is the default. Every major technology starts there, whether that’s cloud, AI, mobile or containers.

If you’re young and just getting started in tech, open source was always there like a tree or a river. You’ve never lived without it. Github and development teams that span the world are the norm, not the exception.

A culture of continuous innovation

It is crucial for organizations to build and maintain a culture of continuous innovation to be successful. Organizational culture is a set of values, beliefs, and ways of thinking shared by members of the organization.

The companies that last the longest manage to fulfill existing customer needs with well-delivered solutions, and identify new customer needs to satisfy as customer preferences continue to shift. Innovation is the key to remaining relevant with customers. Winning the War for Innovation is the key to remaining alive.

Inspirational colleagues

Coworkers who inspire and motivate are team players. They want to give their total effort to complete a task and bringing everyone’s efforts together can get the goal completed more quickly and often produce a better product.

If there is a coworker trying to rally everyone towards the same goal, it is a sign of good leadership and a person you really want on your team.

The most important thing about coworkers who inspire and motivate is that they make work a pleasant place to be. Rather than just putting in your 8 hours and going home, these coworkers make things fun and challenging. The days fly by and I want to do my best in order to meet the challenge.

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